Lukas Allemann




  • Social Anthrolopogy, Arctic Anth, Oral History, History


Lukas holds a Master’s degree from the University of Basel (Switzerland) in Eastern European History and Russian Language and Literature. During his studies Lukas specialised in oral history, and his Master’s thesis is an oral history-based inquiry into the change of the life conditions of the Sámi living on the Kola Peninsula during the 20th century. After his graduation Lukas worked for several years as an embassy translator and interpreter in Moscow.

Lukas joined the ORHELIA Project in spring 2013 and holds a researcher position at the University of Lapland. He specialises on the Kola Peninsula field site. His article-based PhD Thesis is a direct outcome of the ORHELIA project and due to be finished in 2018. The topic of his PhD research on the crossroads of history and anthropology is about the social outcome of relocation policies of the Soviet state among its Northern indigenous minorities on the example of the Russian Sami.

ID: 322120