Minna Turunen

University Researcher


  • global change, climate change, weather, subarctic, boreal, biology, botany, subsistence livelihoods, reindeer herding, local knowledge, traditional knowledge, indigenous knowledge

Research interests

University Researcher Minna Turunen has background in biology and ecological botany. Her projects during the past ten years have been multidisciplinary and encompassed not only scientific knowledge, but also practitioners' knowledge (e.g. reindeer husbandry, forestry). These studies have focussed  on the effects of climate change on reindeer pastures and reindeer herding work and adaptation strategies and capacity of herders to cumulative impacts of climate, environment and socio-economical changes.

Most of her earlier research has encompassed the effects of global change on boreal and subarctic vegetation in Northern Fennoscandia. She has long-term experience in experimental field research addressing the ecophysiological responses, adaptation and defence mechanisms of forest and mire plants in changing environments.


ID: 322587