Martin Coath

Affiliated Senior Researcher


  • Collaborative knowledge construction, Computing, Modelling, Science Communication, Outreach

Research interests

I started as a chemist, found my way in to computer science, and from there in to neuroscience. All this, but particularly my work in computational neuroscience, gave me experience dealing with large, confusing, data-sets with widespread use of time series analysis, dimesionality reduction and visualisation.

I am now Associate Lecturer with Plymouth University (Doctoral Training College), Affiliated Senior Researcher at the University of Lapland (Arctic Research Centre), and Academic Advisor for Canterbury Christ Church University (LASAR project). In the past I have worked for Oxford University, Nottingham University and Reading University in various capacities.

In addition to my own research I help people develop their research and public engagement skills in academic workshops and CPD sessions. I have also developed and delivered public projects for the Royal Institution, the British Council, the Institute of Physics, the Wellcome trust, and many others.

I have been creating opportunities to explore the links between science and the rest of society for most of my career. It is essential that we debate the role of science and art, of research and creativity, and that we actively question what science can and cannot help us with.

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